Monday, January 19, 2009

Day 19- The Nursing Home

Caden had speech therapy today so Alyssa and I had an hour to spare. We stopped by a nursing home. If you ever want to make a new friend, just hang out with an outgoing two year-old. Alyssa is like a large fishing pole. I simply open the door and let her go. She soon will hook a friend and I follow behind. Today, Alyssa met BB. She is from Sweden and has lived in Tulsa for many years. BB fell a few weeks ago in her apartment and she is now a resident of the nursing home until she heals up. She has friends, but no family. To swing from a natural conversation to the spiritual, I asked BB if she had a church that is helping her during this transition. She replied that she did not and has never really participated in church. She told me that the Swedish are quite fine without God and as long as she and others are happy, that is all that really matters. In the most polite way possible, I informed her that happy people go to hell every day because of their sins. I encouraged her to read her Bible during her stay at the nursing home, and explained to her who Jesus is and what he accomplished. By the look on her face, it seemed quite clear that she was not interested in matters pertaining to life and death. Overall, it was a pleasant conversation. When and if there was any tension at all, Alyssa would interrupt with, "Did you know that I am getting a booster seat when I am three? Did you know that?"

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