Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 21- Early Morning Walker

Having my priorities in line are very important to me. I am in sin if my family is neglected by my evangelistic ministry. I have come to the conclusion that many believe that witnessing requires a long conversation, a lot of time, and all of the answers. This is not true. Handing out a simple tract or sharing with someone that you encounter on a daily basis is not time consuming, and I hope that you have noticed that many choose not to argue or debate why there are differences in the synoptics. Over time, one will encounter these types of obstacles, but most of the time, planting seeds can be brief and encouraging. This morning I pulled out of the driveway and noticed a man on a walk.

Me: Good morning! Here is something to read while you are on your walk. It's a gospel tract. Do you go to church?
Bret: Yes.
Me: Do you know how to get to heaven?
Bret: Accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.
Me: Have you done that?
Bret: I have.
Me: Do you share your faith much?
Bret: Not as much as I should.
Me: Well, sometimes when you do it may seem a little strange, like right now, but people are dying and compared to eternity I'm willing to look a little strange. What's your name?

I was running late for work this morning, but planting seeds sometimes only takes a few minutes.

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