Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 30- An Orchestrated Event

Today I took the wrestlers out to the track. I never take them to the track during the season and especially in this weather, but today was different. It was very muddy outside and as I returned to the wrestling room, I realized that I had a clean pair of socks in my classroom. This is where I met Mary Bell. Normally I never make it up to my classroom during this time of day, which is the reason why I never run into Mary Bell, the custodian who cleans my classroom. After small talking about the weather, here is how some of the conversation went:

Me: Where are you from?
Mary Bell: My family is from Mexico, but I am from Beggs ( a very small town in Oklahoma).
Me: How many churches are there in Beggs?
Mary Bell: Two.
Me: Really, did you attend one of the two?
Mary Bell: No, I am Catholic.
Me: Isn't it true that most Hispanics are Catholic?
Mary Bell: Yes, my sister grew up Catholic also but now she is a Christian.
Me: Do you think much about life and death?
Mary Bell: Yes, I have been a lot these last few days. My grandmother recently past away. I need to get back into church.
Me: I know how you can get back into church, would you like to know?
Mary Bell: Yes (her eyes lit up)!

I then explained the gospel to her. She did not dispute that she was a sinner and in desperate need of a savior. She was like talking to a sponge. I ended by telling her that church attendance is out of the gratitude of our hearts. Because He took my place, I desire to obey and serve him my entire life.

Me: He took your place, Mary Bell, repent and put your trust in Him. Do you have a Bible?
Mary Bell: Yes.
Me: Open it up when you get home to Psalm 51. Read it and make it your prayer.

All of this because I got a little mud on my shoes!

P.S. My thirty day challenge was a success, but I have no plans on stopping. Please keep reading.

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