Thursday, January 1, 2009

Day 1-Phone Message

Yesterday, as I reflected on the new year, I thought about many of the opportunities that I could have shared my faith, but instead declined. I can remember when my neighbors got a divorce. I never once knocked on their door to introduce myself. When they knocked on my door, I entertained a brief conversation and quickly went on my way. I had no idea that they were having any problems. Why didn't I share with them? I rarely let someone knock on my door without sharing the gospel. I can also remember conversations with coworkers filled with small talk about the weather and current events. How many times did I stand in line for hours at the grocery store, yet never did I hand out a tract or engage the person standing next to me? This year, I pray that it is different. For the next thirty days I am going to attempt to share with at least one person everyday. To hold me accountable, I will post how each encounter went each evening. My prayer is that these encounters will encourage you to make witnessing a way of life, and for me, my hope is that this year I will not overlook opportunities to share the hope that it is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
I did not decide to do this challenge until around 9 pm tonight. I could go out to a popular area and hand out a tract or two, but tonight I am rather tired. Instead, I looked for a number on my phone of someone that I had not talked to in quite sometime. I quickly found a number from a guy named Ches. I had witnessed to Ches once before while out on Brookside. Ches gave me his number and I had not talked to him since. This was about six months ago. Ches also is the kind of guy that would most likely answer his phone at 10 pm. As I dialed his number I had no idea what I would say, but I knew my mission was to share the gospel. After several rings his answering machine picked up. My message: Ches, this is Ryan. I met you about six months ago out on Brookside. If you don't remember, we spoke about spiritual things. Ches, my prayer is that as you begin this new year you start it with Christ. I just want to encourage you to open up your Bible this year and learn about what it says about our Savior. Start with the book of John. He died so that you might live. I pray that you will come to know Him this year as Lord. Please call me if you would like to talk...

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