Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 49- Majoring in the Minors

Most people that I pull up to in my car will keep a safe distance. Today I met a man named David who leaned so far in to my car that I became a tad bit nervous. I had interrupted him while he was leaning in to a dumpster and rummaging through the trash. When I pulled out my million dollar bill tract he immediately recognized it as a gospel tract. David then began a rather lengthy lecture on how I need to receive the second baptism of the Spirit so that I may speak in other tongues. As he was beginning his sermon on the Trinity, I briefly interrupted to get in a word. I could have tickled his intellect and pursued a debate on spiritual gifts, but this was not my goal. What was amusing is that when I walked him through the ten commandments his mouth had stopped. He no longer wanted to discuss spiritual gifts, instead he listened intently on how depraved we are and how much we need a Savior. The conversation that could have been a lengthy argument quickly became two people in agreement that without Christ we are without hope.

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