Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 51- Kind of Strange

Have you ever been walking and noticed that someone is walking right next to you as if you are together? This happened to me today while I was spending some time at a college near my home. I keep gospel tracts in my pocket, so when I noticed the guy next to me I politely greeted him and handed him a tract. When I asked him if he had any spiritual beliefs, with a smile he informed me that he did not. I then asked him if he had ever heard the gospel. Again, with a smile he replied, "no." This guy had a bit of an African accent so it was clear that he did not grow up in the States so the smiling and honesty did not seem strange. However, he began laughing when I told him that the gospel meant good news. At this point, I'm confused and wondering if I have something on my face. He then proceeded to tell me that he was saved and really enjoyed "how I did this." I'm not sure if I understand what I did, but he no longer would let me get a word in. As he was walking away he kept pointing, laughing, and mumbling how this was really neat.

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