Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 67- China Divine

The mall is a cultural melting pot. In just one hour I met a Hindu, Muslim, and a Falun Dafa. What is a Falun Dafa you might ask? It is an eastern philosophy that believes in reincarnation, karma, and your good outweighing your bad. I know this because I met a young lady wearing a traditional Chinese costume promoting the divine performing arts. After listening to her promote her event for several minutes, I shifted from the natural to the spiritual by asking her about the name "divine" performing arts and if her performances had a religious context. She explained to me a bit about Chinese culture and a bit about what she believed. I was really surprised that she was so open. To me, the Chinese seem very reserved and private. This was not the case this afternoon. This young lady informed me that she was aware of Jesus and how he died for sins, and then informed me through meditation somehow we can purify ourselves. My objective was to drive home the fact that she had no forgiveness without Jesus and that her good works would not save her. An analogy that I learned in Evangelism Explosion goes something like this:
If you made a six egg omelet with two of the eggs being completely rotten, would you serve it to company and expect them to find it acceptable? Certainly not! Yet many times we try to take what man considers "good" and mix it in with our rotten sin. We then try to serve ourselves to a holy and righteous God as if He would approve.
I will place Falun Dafa in my file cabinet of religions. I only have two files: WORKS and GRACE
Christianity is in a file all by itself. Can you guess which one?

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