Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 72- Hospital Visit

A distant family member was placed in the hospital today. To be kind, Dana and I paid her a visit to let her know we care. After our visit, we began to walk toward the elevators. I noticed in one of the rooms that we passed there was an older gentleman that looked rather lonely. Without telling Dana what I was thinking, I motioned for her to follow me. James was his name and he had been in and out of the hospital for quite sometime. He had open heart surgery by the age of 10, two heart attacks, and one stroke. His current visit was for migraine headaches and muscle cramps. He told me that he has a church and that his pastor was coming by for a visit in the morning.

Me: James, during times like this, how is your relationship with Jesus?
James: It's good. I know that the "man upstairs" is looking after me (Man upstairs is not a term often used by people with a personal relationship with Christ).
Me: Have you come to a place in your spiritual life that if you died today you would go to heaven, or is this something you would say you're still working on? (Assessment question)
James: I'm still working on it.
Me: James, you can know for sure......insert gospel

James, Dana, and myself prayed with James after we had spoke. The nurse who entered into the room just before we prayed waited patiently until we had finished. While heading toward the door, I hear James say, "Thank you for coming in. I feel a lot better now."

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