Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 74- Lunch After Church

One of the funniest things about church after lunch is the obvious divide between those coming from church and others just getting up. I'm generalizing, but next time you go to lunch, look around at all the slacks and skirts and compare them to the hoodies and flip flops. Rarely, will you see the two mingling. Today, I found myself having lunch next to Mia's Sunday school teacher. We were talking about how the opportunity to share is everywhere. At this point, one of the workers came by to take our plates. I used this as an opportunity:

Me: Excuse me, sir. Please be honest. Do you notice that the behavior from church crowds are a bit different from your regular crowds through the week?
Robert: A little bit, but I like working on Sundays. I find that the people are nice and I enjoy visiting with people coming from church.
Me: Do you have a church background?

Obviously, at this point I began to share the gospel. After I had shared the good news, this was his response:

Robert: I believe that, but I talk to a Muslim on a regular basis and he is a pretty nice guy. I believe that I have done some pretty good things, and I try to do what is right. I believe that I will go to heaven.
Me: My name is Ryan. What is your name?
Robert: Robert.
Me: Robert, who was the only one mentioned just now? You said "I" have done good things and "I" do what is right. You are trusting in yourself. Your works are like filthy rags. The bible says...quoting Eph. 2:8-9.

In the end, I invited Robert to church and he expressed an interest in attending. Words will identify quite a bit. Listen for the "I" when people express their faith, and remind them that it is "Him" that saves us.

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