Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 106- Violently Threatened

If alcohol is involved, I can promise you that there will be a few violent encounters. I could never predict what happened today in a quiet neighborhood while parked at a stop sign. I was driving home when I recognized a former student walking near a busy street. I pulled into a neighborhood and waited for him to arrive. Shawn had wrestled for me last year, but dropped out soon after the season had ended. As he approached my car, he immediately recognized me. I was parked along the curb as Shawn leaned towards the passenger side of my car. As I was sharing with him, a car slowly pulled up next to me with a gentle honk to get my attention. I waved to the car to acknowledge that I was not going anywhere. Shawn is a professing Catholic who had recently been arrested. He commented that he has been off drugs and alcohol for six months. As we began to talk about spiritual things an aggressive horn startled our conversation. I looked in my rearview to find a large truck hugging the back of my car. My window was rolled down so I calmly waved the truck to go around. The driver then proceeded to hit his horn repeatedly. I began to think that this was a joke. Surely it had to be a student playing a prank on his coach. I could not imagine such sincere aggression. Suddenly, a middle aged man with blood shot eyes and clinched fists approaches my window yelling every profanity that one could imagine. Clearly he wanted me to move, and I was not going to argue. Because I agreed to move I assumed he would go away. He continued to shout for a considerable amount of time, and I could not count the amount of times he blasphemed the Lord's name. I turned to Shawn and asked him to read the tract when he got a chance. Tonight I will be reading about spiritual warfare. Is your quiet time a little boring these days? Try witnessing to someone tomorrow.

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