Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day 115- Vietnamese Baptist

It was a typical drive home from a friend's house. Mia just pulled out a tooth, Caden was kicking the back of Alyssa's chair, and Alyssa was asking her mom to pick up something she had dropped for the sixteenth time. Dana sat thinking about how wonderful her husband is, while I was on the lookout for someone to share the gospel. I was taking the normal way home when I saw a man standing outside of a nail salon. Dana asked me why I was turning, but she soon remembered that her husband is a bit compulsive. She attempted to ask me to witness at a later date, but it was too late. The window was rolled down and the man was soon at our door.

Me: Pardon me, sir. Do you have a church to attend tomorrow?
Man: (With very limited English) What?
Me: I see that cross around your neck. Will you be attending church tomorrow?
Man: Yes. I go to Vietnamese Baptist Church.
Me: Do you know how to get to heaven?
Man: (Grabbing the cross around his neck with broken English) Yes- Jesus.

We then talked about the persecuted church, but we didn't get far with the depth of his English. When I got home, Mia asked me if I had witnessed to anyone today and then commented, "Oh yeah! That one guy." Caden will be praying for him during his bedtime prayers, and Alyssa is beginning to hear the gospel almost everyday. Not bad for a typical drive home.

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