Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 125- Fast Talker

It was partially raining when I saw a man who was walking, but he didn't appear to be going anywhere in a hurry. He was wearing a red shirt with plastic bags on his shoes. I found a parking spot and quickly got his attention by waiving a gospel tract. Chris was wearing plastic bags on his shoes because his soles where falling apart. I asked him if he was homeless and he said that he was at the moment but would soon take a bus to Saint Louis to visit family. Chris then wanted to know if I would give him any change. I grabbed the only change that I had in my pocket, a penny pressed with the Ten Commandments. I tried to ask about his church background, but Chris would not let me get a word in. He talked about everything from Domino's Pizza to his website. He brought up so many topics that my head was spinning and before I knew it he had thanked me for my time and he was gone with the wind. The man that l originally met that was slowly strolling had become a fast talking man on a mission to get away from me. This fish got away, but he took the hook….a gospel tract.

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