Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Day 126- Everyday Life

With kids, life can be challenging. Have you ever had a child throw a fit in a public place while everyone looks at you like you are a worthless parent? That happened today as I was dropping off Caden for his speech therapy appointment. After this episode had ended I had one hour before I needed to return. I could have sat and meditated on the event, or perhaps explained to the many in the waiting room that I am actually a decent parent despite what they had witnessed. Instead I chose to walk to a nearby department store for some witnessing encounters. It's funny how quickly you forget about life's issues when the fear of man takes over. While in the store, I looked for some things that I may need for a trip that I will be taking next month. It only took a few minutes before someone asked me if I needed help. We talked about some of the items I was considering purchasing and it turns out that what I really needed was in another section of the store.The clerk that was helping me was named Chris.

Chris: I'm sorry that I couldn't be of help. Is there anything else you may need?
Me: Yes, how do I receive eternal life?
Chris: (Avoiding eye contact while in his wheelchair) You accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior which is something that I have already done, and is something that you already have done as well.
Me: How do you know that?
Chris: Because people that ask that question are normally trying to get the other person to do so because they have already made that decision.
Me: What church do you go to?

He told me where he attended and the eye contact returned with an extended hand. While Chris was shaking my hand, it was now clear that it was time for fellowship. We talked for a while and it was a pleasant conversation. When I returned to get Caden, he greeted me with a hug. It appeared that we both found a distraction from our previous conflict.

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