Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 133- Rejecting Jesus

Although I wouldn't say that Dana enjoys every one of my encounters, she does enjoy how open I am to running an errand. It can be difficult running into someone when your commute is only seven minutes long. Very often I will come home without finding a single soul. When Dana asked me to run by the store to pick up a few tomatoes today, I jumped at the chance. With gladness Caden and I loaded up in the car with gospel tracts and a few dollars to make my purchase. While at the store I had trouble finding the brand that Dana wanted. I asked a clerk to help me out and he went above and beyond his duties. He chose the best tomatoes for me and even weighed them to make sure that I was receiving a pound. When he finally handed me the bag of tomatoes, I reached into my pocket and handed him a million dollar bill.

Me: Thank you, John (reading his name tag). I want to give this to you. You were worth every penny.
John: (Smiling) No problem, sir.
Me: It is a gospel tract. Do you go to church?
John: No, I'm a Buddhist.
Me: Really, how does a Buddhist atone for his sins?
John: We try to do the right thing.
Me: Do you know what Christians believe?

John: Yes. I have studied Christianity quite extensively. Jesus died for your sins. He did what you can't accomplish.
Me: That's true. I'm curious, why have you rejected Christianity?
John: I don't know. Perhaps I was raised different. My parents have a similar belief as myself.
Me: Well James, at least you have read and willfully reject him. I respect that. Thank you for your time.

Caden was tugging on my shirt which may be the reason why I didn't plead with him. The look on his face made it quite clear that he was not ready to rethink his beliefs. It is tough to walk away from encounters like that, but sometimes that is what has to be done.

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