Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Day 139- Christianity and Movies

While at a video store today, I stopped the clerk and asked if he could help me find a movie.

Me: I am looking for a movie without filthy language, crude humor, and blasphemy. Do you think I can find that here?
Man: For your children?
Me: No, for myself.
Man: I don't think that your going to find much here.
Me: I am an evangelical Christian. Do you think movies are made with Christians in mind?
Man: No, I don't believe so. The majority of the population wants to watch what we offer.
Me: Are you a Christian?
Man: Yes.
Me: Do you watch shows that take the Lord's name in vain?
Man: No, I turn it off. Especially if my kids are watching.

I asked him where he attended church and he preceded to tell me about the many denominations that he was apart of while growing up. He used a lot of Christian jargon that made it difficult to pin down any real belief so I asked,"What denomination do you think will be in heaven?" He said, "I hope all of them." I then shared with him the hope that is within me.

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