Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 148- Waiting to Share

There is a guy at my work who has an office next door to mine. I would almost consider him a friend based on the amount of time we have spent visiting. I do not share the gospel when I am supposed to be working so there has been a limited amount of opportunities to witness to him. Today, I finally found an appropriate time to share. It was extremely difficult. After a brief amount of small talk, I asked my colleague where he was spiritually from one to ten. He told me that he was around a six. I then asked him how he planned on getting to heaven. He reflected for a moment and said, "I guess my beliefs and my good deeds." At this point the alarm in my head is going off. Someone who I have gotten to know very well, and truly care about, believes that his good deeds will get him to heaven. I was tremendously disturbed by his answer. My heart was broken as I shared what the Bible says about our works and what Christ did on the cross. I expressed to him that grace means undeserved favor and that there was nothing that he could do to earn favor with God. He listened intently as I poured my heart out. I honestly had to hold back tears. I know that he heard the sincerity in my voice, but his face remained blank. The only thing that he said after my plea to repent was, "Well, you have given me some food for thought." If you're planning on witnessing to someone once you have established a close relationship, just be aware that it can be much harder when you finally speak up. I'm glad I finally told him.

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