Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 153- Christian Hyprocrites

I felt like a man today as I recycled copper, mowed a few lawns, and changed my oil. At the recycling center there were three young men loading up various metals. I was looking for an opportunity to share, but even the Bible verse didn't help me get passed their aloof attitudes. I managed to hand out a tract, but conversation was limited to business only. The neigborhoods were empty as I mowed lawns. Now I know that real men change their own oil, but today I was in a hurry. I went to a place near my home and paid to have my oil changed. After checking in, I sat in the waiting room filthy from working all day and hungry because I had not eaten lunch. A sign on the window read "In God We Trust" which I planned on using if the opportunity arose with the man behind the counter. David was his name and he appeared very busy. I saw that he was wearing a cross as I was checking out.

Me: I notice you're wearing a cross. Are you a Christian?
David: I was raised Baptist and I guess I still claim to be Baptist. I don't go to church, but I don't think that you have to go to church to be a Christian.
Me: Do you pick up that cross and follow Him daily?
David: No, I don't. From my experiences, Christians are a bunch of hyprocrites.
Me: On the day of judgement, you will not be with the hyprocrites. You will be all by yourself. Do you read the Bible?
David: No.
Me: If you begin reading it, you will find that the Bible is loaded with imperfect people serving a perfect God. There is only one person who is perfect. Jesus lived the life that you cannot live. He paid your fine when you repent and trust in Him. If you have even told one lie you need Him.

We talked a little more and then I left him with a tract. There were three things that I learned from this encounter. One, people listen even when you are filthy and in need of shower. You don't have to have your makeup on to take advantage of an opportunity. Two, never assume that the situation is hopeless. He was busy but he stopped to listen. Three, real men love Jesus!

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