Thursday, June 11, 2009

Day 161- Rolling Stone

Last night my family and I met a young lady named Samantha. Samantha had piercings completing covering her face. She was wearing large pieces of jewelry and frankly did not look like hygiene was a major priority. I asked her about her spiritual beliefs and she informed me that she is one with the universe. She explained to me that we are all made up of minerals and so is the world. Therefore, we are connected to the universe by our energy and chemical substance. Samantha believes that science is the ultimate authority, and the Bible is just a book written by man. She insisted that changing her life because a mere book tells her so is wrong. I agreed but objected, "Samantha if it was just a book I would agree with you, but if it is the very words of God then we must take it very serious." I then shared with her various Scriptures and communicated to her the gospel. Every verse quoted seemed to agitate her. She was very sweet but a verse would provoke a smirk or a nod that indicated a hardened heart. Rather than trying to convince her of the authority of Scripture, I simply asked her to read the Bible for herself. I told Samantha that it is important to at least read what she is rejecting. She told me that she would but only as if it was a book, not the words of God. Once she had agreed to examine the claims, I desired to know a little about her personal life. She seemed rather lonely. She is from Wisconsin, lives in New York, and would not explain why she was in Minnesota. I asked if she had a good relationship with her parents and her eyes dropped towards the ground. She would no longer make eye contact with Dana and I as she explained that she does not speak with them, but they know where she lives. Apparently, she has a good relationship with her grandmother whom she talks to often. Before we parted ways, I reminded Samantha that she agreed to open up the Bible. Before we met, she had only read the Christian.

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