Friday, June 26, 2009

Day 177- Ecumenical Relations

I don't know what it is about teenagers, but they love to loiter. Fortunately, they will also listen when a grown man and his young family engages them in conversation. While walking by a car show, I noticed ten teenagers standing around in a circle with clearly nothing to do. I looked at Dana and gave her a warning that I was about to witness to the small herd of testosterone. She prepared to pray while I separated the younger two by carrying Alyssa. Caden and Alyssa will usually fight for position in order to get a good seat. I created a conversation with the teens by passing out tracts. They then informed me that their group was half Irish Catholic while the rest were Protestant Christians. An organization recently brought them together to improve Catholic/Protestant relations in Ireland. I wanted to help them in their attempts to get along so I walked them through the Ten Commandments. Once I did, God's law stripped them of their titles and traditions that they held so dearly. They also began to see what they had in common: complete depravity. I then shared with them the good news of Jesus Christ. When we got home, I took some time to share with Caden why we pray when witnessing. I told him that it's very similar to the way we pray before we open the Bible. A natural man cannot discern spiritual things. We need the Holy Spirit.

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