Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 179- Short and Sweet

Sometimes opportunities will hit you right in the face. Today I am glad that I wasn't hit in the face, but it was close. A teenager was riding his skateboard when he slipped and the board nearly hit my abnormally large head. I wish that I could tell you that I came up with something witty like, "Wow! I could have died and gone to heaven. Where would you go?" Instead I gave him a look of displeasure. My first thought was to tell him to wear a helmet and to skate somewhere else. The Lord provided me with enough grace to bite my tongue and eventually hand him a gospel tract. He loved the tract and his friends walked over to take one as well. None of the three teens that migrated towards me had a church background. Nor were they aware about what happens once we die. My family and I were enjoying a nice day at the park so I told them to read the tract when they had a chance.

Also, if you must know, I get lost on a regular basis. To find the park that we were visiting, I had to ask for directions three times. Never forget to reward someone when they do a good deed. Bless them with a gospel tract!

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