Friday, July 10, 2009

Day 191- I Almost Forgot

Three teens were standing on the side of a street corner as I pulled up next to them with gospel tracts:

Me: Hey guys, I have some reading material for you. It talks about Jesus. Do any of you go to church?

Teens: No.

Me: Really? Well, I have some news for you. We will all stand before God on the Day of Judgment. I hope you guys are ready because even one lie can condemn us to an eternity in hell. Have you guys ever told a lie?

Teens: Yes.

Me: That means you need Jesus. If you have a Bible, please read it. Jesus died so that you may live.

Cars were beginning to line up behind me. That is why it seemed so much like a hit and run gospel attempt. I was thinking so fast that I had little time to gather my thoughts until I stopped at a red light. I looked in my rearview and watched the three teens each reading their tract. That is when I realized I needed to pray. I prayed before I pulled up, but I failed to think about them as I was leaving. Lord, please open the eyes of their hearts. Help them to see their need for you.

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