Monday, July 20, 2009

Day 200- Just Moved

I was reading a statistic last week that people are more likely to try new things after moving to a new area. Leaving church today, Dana and I pulled up to two college aged girls on a walk.

Me: Pardon me, ladies. I have something for you (handing them two gospel tracts).

Girls: (laughing) It's not candy is it?

Me: Somehow I knew that you would say that, but I figured you wouldn't be scared of my wife and kids. These are actually gospel tracts. Are you guys Christians?

Girls: No.

Me: Really? Why not?

1: I'm Catholic, but I don't really practice. I just moved here this week.

Me: You are always welcome here (Pointing toward my church).

1: I'll go to your church. Why not?

My new Catholic friend then proceeded to go down a rabbit trail where I soon found myself lost. She began to talk about a roaming neighborhood cat, and other topics where I found it hard to shift back to spiritual things. My intentions were to use my church as a starting point to the gospel. Instead it turned out to be more of an invitation to attend my church. An invitation to church is fine, but there is nothing sweeter than sharing the good news. I will be looking for her next Sunday. Faith comes by hearing.

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