Sunday, July 26, 2009

Day 207- A Sad Night

Tonight was a night that I knew would soon come. It was 8:30 when I put the kids to bed. I went into the kitchen and gave Dana a kiss and said, "I will be back. I need to go witness to someone." I walked to my car with my head down in prayer. For the first time in months I did not have an opportunity that presented itself in everyday life. "Where did I go wrong," I thought as the sun was slowly disappearing. Was I getting prideful and needed to be humbled? Was it because I spent most of my day around Christians? Questions like this flooded my brain as I stared down my neighborhood street. Wait a minute! My vision is poor at night, but I think I see two people heading my way. Maybe if I pretend like I am getting something out of my car I will get a clearer picture of what is ahead. A few minutes later, the once faint image had now become two teenagers out for a late bike ride. They both applied their brakes as I greeted them with gospel tracts. Joe and Lisa attend a local church in town but they could not tell me how to get to heaven. I shared the gospel with them and encouraged them to read their Bibles. I told them to start with the book of John and read it every night. I said, "People that trust in Jesus will read His word. If you are reading and you have questions, ask your parents. If they do not know the answer then come and see me." They told me that they would take my advice. I guess the night wasn't so bad after all.

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