Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 209- Creepy Coffee

While on a walk with my kids, two people approached walking their dog. I had my tracks ready with a greeting.

Me: Hi guys, that is a beautiful dog (handing them the tracts).

Couple: Thank you! Those are beautiful kids.

Me: Do you guys live around here?

Couple: Yes, four houses down on the left.

Me: It is a pleasure to meet you guys. I handed you a gospel tract. Do you guys go to church?

Couple: No.

Me: Oh no! Well don't worry. It will not melt off your hand.

Couple: (Laughing) Okay. Bye.

The sudden exit was obvious and provoked deep thoughts within my abnormally large head. What could I have done different? Could I have invited them over for coffee? No, probably too soon and a little creepy since they do not know me. Should I have put on a Christian face and hope that they saw Christ in me? No, rarely happens. What if I small talked today and then hoped that I ran into them in the future? That's fine, but they both have no promise of tomorrow. What if I walked past them with a friendly smile and said nothing at all? Not an option.

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