Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 211-Cozy and Clueless

I woke up this morning thinking about my next encounter. I knew the Lord wanted me to go purchase a new tire, because of the blowout, but I had no idea who I would be meeting. Fortunately, that didn't take long to figure out. I went into the store and immediately recognized a former student. We greeted each other and began an hour long conversation. Both of us had to wait a considerable amount of time before our cars were ready. We small talked for a few minutes and then things turned spiritual.

Me: So do you go to church?

Kim: Yes. I go to …..

Me: Did you grow up a Christian?

Kim: Yes, I was raised in that church from the day that I was born. I can't think of a Sunday were I wasn't in church.

Me: Do you know the gospel?

Kim: (Face turning pale) What do you mean?

Me: Have you ever heard the gospel preached in your church?

Kim: I think so.

Me: What is it? I will give you a hint. It means good news.

Kim: (head lowered) Is it taking care of people?

I then told Kim that I was going to give her some "bad news" before she could hear the "good news." I walked her through the Ten Commandments where she saw her need for Jesus. Suddenly, when she realized her fate, Jesus sounded like the best news that she had ever heard. The confused look and pale face turned to a look of pure joy when she finally realized the gospel. I told her that the gospel is the reason for the church and that if her church is not preaching the good news then she needs to look elsewhere. She agreed and thanked me numerous times during the rest of our conversation. The next time both of your cars break down and you receive two staggering bills. Remember what the Christian life is all about, the gospel.

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