Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 244- Nice Guy

I was out in my front yard playing with my kids when I noticed a man speed walking. I stood in his path with a gospel tract in hand. He had a focused look on his face, almost like he was willing to run me over if I didn't move. I stood my ground but waited to be pummeled. My son recognized that he was coming straight towards me and asked, "Dad, is he going to witness to you?" He eventually slowed his pace once he realized that I was not moving and the most sincere smile came out of nowhere. He greeted my children, took off his headphones, and grabbed a penny pressed with the Ten Commandments. He thanked me for the penny and we had one of the most encouraging conversations that I have had in awhile. He attends a church in the area and was filled with a love for the Lord. This was one of those conversations where you smile for several minutes after they leave. I love witnessing and I love other brothers in Christ.

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