Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day 258- You Can Know

Caden, my five year old, has taken an interest in skateboarding. He doesn't stand on the board but he will place a knee on the board while he kicks with the other leg. It's so cute that I decided to purchase him a skateboard this evening. Target was a little empty on a school night so there was no line as we approached Karen at the register.

Karen: Hello, how are you?

Me: When this life is over, I will be in heaven. That fills my heart with joy. How about you?

Karen: I'm fine.

Me: No, I mean will you be in heaven?

Karen: (smiling) I hope so.

Me: You can know for sure (Handing her a tract). Read this when you get a chance. I want to see you in heaven one day.

The entire book of John was written so that we could know how to have eternal life. Since the Apostle John told us, let's tell others. Karen began reading the tract almost immediately. I had to go. Alyssa was beginning to pinch her brother and Caden was running off with the grocery cart. Now Dana and I are praying that Caden spends much of his time kicking on a skateboard rather than kicking his sister.

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