Friday, October 23, 2009

Day 296- Do Not Grow Weary

For many years I grew weary as a public school teacher. Most of my days were thankless, and instant gratification was non-existent. I often wondered if there was any point in investing in young adults whose soul desire was to see me have a mental breakdown. Fast forward six years later and it makes me want to cry. I was outside of a festival tonight passing out tracts when I recognized several of my former students. Many have graduated from high school and are attending local universities. The headaches that they had given me were replaced with hugs. I had their respect tonight. The Lord had given me a tremendous amount of patience during my time as a teacher and the kids recognized that there was something different about me. Maybe that is why they listened tonight. I shared the gospel with four of my former students who listened for over an hour, and trust me; six years ago they wouldn't have given me five minutes. It reminds me of friends of mine who often complain about their job. There are times in life when it is hard not to grow weary in doing good, but in due time you will reap. I handed out close to a hundred tracts before I ran into my former students. No one was willing to stop and talk about the things of God. Your work colleagues are watching you, and if you do not grow weary, I bet they will listen to what you have to say when an opportunity to share the gospel arises.

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