Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day 298- Online Checkers

One of the easiest ways to share the gospel without the fear of being stoned to death is by playing online games. I do not make a habit out of playing online games, but tonight I decided to see if it was possible to share the good news while playing checkers online. I chose to play against a man whose ID was Hockey Dad to avoid chatting with a female online. As soon as the game began, Hockey Dad decided to engage in small talk. He told me he was from Minnesota. To shift from the natural to the spiritual I simply asked him if he goes to church. He indicated that he does attend a church in the area so I then asked if he knew how to get to heaven. He typed "believe in the risen Lord." I returned "Even the demons believe and tremble. What separates you from the demons?" He replied "I don't know." I asked him if he had a testimony and he replied, "My wife kept nagging me." I told Hockey Dad that a testimony normally contains some indication of conviction of sin, and he did not reply. A few minutes had passed and Hockey Dad would only comment on the game. I attempted to turn thing spiritual once again by asking him if he had read anything in the Scriptures lately, no reply. Although there was little fear in attempting to share online, it was very frustrating trying to communicate and concentrate on the game at the same time. Hockey Dad ended up destroying me in checkers, and he was not willing to entertain further discussion on the things of God. Since he was not willing to discuss spiritual things, I decided to let my checkers do the talking. I typed very little the second game and was allowed to concentrate on the game. Hockey Dad experienced the wrath of Ryan and was soundly defeated.

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