Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 300- Antagonistic Family

During visiting with family, do you every feel like you are the spokesman for Christianity? If your family contains a large amount of nonbelievers, you are whether you like it or not. As an Ambassador for Christ I was confronted by a family member today who wanted answers. Why don't I obey all of the laws brought forth in the book of Leviticus? After all, isn't that where I get my beliefs that gays should not marry? As a biblical literalist, why do I pick and chose which laws I should obey? His arms were crossed as he stood before me waiting on an answer that would never be enough to penetrate his hardened heart. I didn't have to think about this answer because I have been pelted with it many times before as I have patrolled the streets. I explained to him that the book of Leviticus highlights God's holiness to a "biblical literalist" and that anytime he approaches the Old Testament with questions, look at it in light of the New Testament. I said, "I guess you finally understand why I trust in Jesus, I cannot fulfill the law and neither can you. Jesus became the law for me so that I might be redeemed from the law of sin and death." He looked away for a moment and then muttered, "I'm still not convinced. I don't think you will ever convert me." To that statement I agreed whole heartedly. I said, "I agree with you 100%. It takes the Holy Spirit of God to open your eyes. I'm just the messenger." At this point, another family member leaned over to me and said "Ryan, you don't hold back do you." Not when eternity is on the line.

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