Friday, November 13, 2009

Day 317- To Kill or Murder

Atheists are so full of pride it makes me laugh when their behavior is so predictable. I was handing out tracts when a man named Ted said, "No, thank you. I am an atheist." He started to walk away when I mumbled, "No you're not. There is no such thing as an atheist." That comment stopped Ted dead in his tracks and he returned to state his case. He said, "How can you say that? I see no evidence of a God." I replied, "Do you know everything? To say you are an atheist means there is no God. That is an absolute statement. In order to make an absolute statement, you would have to know everything." That got Ted's attention and we talked for a considerable amount of time. The most interesting part of our conversation was when Ted commented that he had just returned from war. He commented, "If God does exist, I am in big trouble. I have killed seven people in combat." I told Ted that the Bible indicated that there is a big difference between killing someone and murdering them. He responded, "No there is not. Not in my opinion." I informed Ted that his opinion didn't matter, but everything should be considered in the light of the Scriptures. He looked at me with a very sincere look on his face and said, "I'm sorry man, but I am not buying it. I just can't believe." Did you notice that Ted was no longer arguing the existence of God? He had become a backslidden atheist, now fully aware that he is not omniscient. Hopefully this will cause him to examine his beliefs a little more closely to see where else he could be wrong.

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