Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Day 322- Donuts or Gospel Tracts

Working with the FCA again, I walked into a middle school auditorium expecting to see a large crowd but instead I saw empty seats. It wasn't until I looked towards the back of the auditorium before I realized that I had been blessed. There were sixty middle school students sitting patiently in their chairs waiting for donuts. Apparently, a youth pastor from a neighboring church brings donuts to every meeting. I didn't bring donuts, but I did have over a hundred gospel tracts to give away. I shared the gospel with these students and told them that anyone who has placed their trust in Christ is because someone had told them of the good news. I encouraged them to share with their friends the good news of Jesus Christ, and if they were not equipped, take a gospel tract and give it away. The youth pastor with donuts finally arrived and the feeding frenzy began. The donuts soon disappeared and so did my gospel tracts.

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