Saturday, November 28, 2009

Day 332- Church of God

When I was first saved, I attended multiple churches from all denominations. It was evident that each church had different traditions, but I never realized the doctrinal differences. Today there is a trend with young people to distance themselves from any denominational label, which is why I was surprised by tonight's encounter. I was purchasing dinner when I tried to pay with a million dollar gospel tract. I told the young lady at the register that it was a gospel tract and asked if she was going to go to church this week. She said that she attends at least three churches but is not sure where she will go this week (only in the Bible belt!). I asked her why she doesn't choose just one church and she told me that she does a lot of traveling. She then said, "I will go to any church as long as it is Church of God." To keep the line moving I knew that I had to move on, but I was curious why she would only attend this denomination. I asked, "Why Church of God?" She responded, "Because of my parents." If I had to do it over again, I would have asked her if she still sins. Do you remember day 261?

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