Friday, December 4, 2009

Day 338- Dying to Live

One might be able to debate today how much truth should be distributed in a single encounter. Ten months before Jesus was to be crucified, large crowds were following when He began to teach on eating His flesh and drinking His blood. This turned away many of His "followers," yet the Apostles continued to follow. I thought about this as I was sharing the gospel with Eddy. He is a convicted felon who has a little bit of knowledge about God but now you may wonder if he has too much.

Me: Eddy, why did Jesus come to this earth?

Eddy: He came to be an example.

Me: He died on the cross. Does that mean that we have a cross in our future as well?

Eddy: No, He gave us an example how to live.

Me: Eddy, Jesus said that we must take up our cross and follow Him. He was telling us that we must die as well. Are you prepared to die?

I obviously had Eddy's attention at this point and it turned out that our discussion about dying led to a tremendous discussion about living for Him.

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