Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Day 342- Tender Mercies

The Humane Society across the street from my work may be a little burnt out with me. I imagine that they are about to cancel their dog walking policy to avoid the crazy evangelist who will walk with them and attempt to share the gospel. I have handed them tracts, Bibles, and invitations to church but I rarely give them what they want… to be left alone. Today, I noticed that one of our office parties had several muffins that had gone undefiled. I asked one of my coworkers if I could take them next door and make amends with my dog loving friends. I placed the muffins on a cute little platter and brought a friend who had a handful of gospel tracts. I don't think they recognized me as their smiling faces were eager to try their new treats. It was nice to finally see them smile and meet other employees that avoid dog walking. I hope that they continue to smile as I look for other opportunities to share the good news.

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