Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Day 357- An Eternal Deposit

Today, I was at the bank. As I approached the drive thru to make a deposit I began to replay what I assumed would happen. There is a screen that displays my face on camera. For a brief moment, the face of the bank teller will pop up and they will reply, "Hello. How are you?" Then the face will disappear until my transaction has been completed. Knowing what would soon happen, I rehearsed ways to strike up a conversation. As expected, the face of the teller appeared with my anticipated question. Here was my opportunity to ignite a conversation. "Much better than I deserve. How about you?" A man's face reappeared with a response, "Fine. Thank you." My mind went blank and our conversation went no further than a greeting. In an attempt for a second chance, I placed a gospel tract in with my deposit. I thought, "Surely he will question why I placed a million dollar bill in with my deposit?" I waited for his face to pop up again as I stared at my aging, weathered appearance. Man, I am looking old. Suddenly a much younger and better looking face reappeared, "Thank you. Is there anything else you need?" In my head I thought, "Yes. I need an opportunity to share the gospel." Instead I mustered, "ummm. No." The ummm was a way to stall with the hopes that something witty would come to mind. In the future I think I will respond, "No. Just read the tract when you get a chance." Because, honestly, witnessing to a face on a screen is not easy.

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