Sunday, January 11, 2009

Day 11- The Street Sign Guy

After church, Dana and I went to lunch with friends. Outside of the place where we were eating, there was a man holding a sign advertising a going out of business sale. His name is Brian. Brian lives at John 3:16 Mission. This was his only option after his mom was diagnosed with cancer and she lost her apartment (Brian may have a disability). Brian moved to Tulsa from Bartlesville because he mentioned that it was easier to find a job in Tulsa. He is also a believer. I have toured the facility at John 3:16 and have spoken at their evening service. If you live there, you know the gospel. If you want any food, you will hear the gospel. Brian reminds me of the many encounters I have had with the "religious" vs. "relationships." The "religious" become quite hostile when you pry into their beliefs. The "relationships" are patient and quite confident when articulating what they believe. Brian answered many of my questions with a smile as I attempted to diagnose whom he was trusting in. His trust is in the Lord.

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