Saturday, January 10, 2009

Day 10- Convenience Store

This morning, Caden and I decided to get out and pick up a snack. As I was letting him out of his car seat, I noticed a man about to enter the convenience store.

Me: Excuse me, did you get one of these?
Man: No, what it is it?
Me: It's a gospel tract. Do you have a church background?
Man: Yes, I did back home. I just moved here from Georgia.
Me: How does your church in Georgia tell you how to get to heaven?
Man: Believe in Jesus and obey his commands.
Me: Have you obeyed his commands?
Man: Yes.

This is when I began to walk him through the ten commandments. Obviously, he admitted to breaking God's commands, so then I informed him of the legal transaction that happened 2000 years ago...he broke the law and Jesus paid the fine. If I had to do it over again, I would have focused on what it means to believe. It was very cold and I wasn't being very attentive. Maybe it was because I had a four year old tugging at my leg.

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