Friday, January 9, 2009

Day 9- The Dog Salon

This morning I had some questions about my new cappucino maker, so I decided to stop by a coffee shop. As I arrived, I soon noticed that it was closed. I had planned on using this trip as an opportunity to witness so I stayed parked and thought about a plan B. Next to the closed coffee shop was a dog salon. Inside were three cute little ladies with pretty white hair and pastel colored shirts. Never judge a book by its cover.

Me: Excuse me, I know that you're busy, but I have just one quick question. Do you believe that dogs go to heaven?
Cute little lady: No. None of us will go to heaven because heaven does not exist. The Bible tells us that we will turn to dust and that's it.
Me: Do you believe in a hell?
Cute little lady: Of course not! The Bible is referring to a trash dump outside of Jerusalem. Look, when you die you will become dust and that's it. The only way that we will be resurrected is if Jesus returns.
Me: (I recognized many of her arguments so I ask) Are you a Jehovah's Witness?
Cute little lady: I used to be, but now I am nothing. Religion is just one big social club. That is it! One big social club! If you want to believe in something, that is fine. If it makes you feel better, fine!

This sort of talk went on for a few more minutes. Quick tip: When getting chewed out by a sweet little lady, keep a big smile and use lots of Scripture. Do not jump in to the realm of personal opinion. God's Word does not return void and today, when she stopped for a breath of air, this lady heard the Word....I just don't know if she was listening. :)

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