Thursday, January 8, 2009

Day 8 -The Painter

On my way to work this morning, I saw a man walking the neighborhood with a clipboard. After driving by, I immediatley thought that I just missed an opportunity. Aware that I will be working very late tonight, I knew that I may not get another chance to witness today. As I turned the car around, I saw that he was appoaching a door. I waited for about a minute hoping that I could catch him before he approached the next house but it appeared that he would be there awhile. Convinced that I missed an opportunity, I continued on my way to work. Suddenly, I noticed a commercial painter getting out of his truck. I stopped and rolled down my window:

Me: Excuse me, I'm a bit lost. Can you tell me how to get to heaven?
Painter: John 3:16 (With a smile)
Me: Do you have a church background?
Painter: Yes, I go to Victory.
Me: Do you share your faith much?
Painter: Yes.
Me: How would you tell someone how to get to heaven?
Painter: Believe in Jesus.
Me: I was reading this morning about Simon the sorcerer. Did he have the type of belief that saved him?
Painter: No, he wanted the gifts not the Savior.
Me: I have to get to work. I appreciate your time.
Painter: So do I, this was really neat. I'm Jeff.
Me: Ryan (handshake from car window)

Quite an encouragement after Greg a couple of days ago!

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