Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Day 7- Christian Science Reading Room

On my way home from work, I stopped by the Christian Science Reading Room. My objective: ask good questions (I do not prepare questions, my philosophy is sink or swim.), listen, big smiles, and lots of Scripture. The Reading Room closes at 5 pm. Mary Ann was locking up at 5:30 as I pulled into the parking lot. I told her that I had never been in a Christian Science Reading Room and I was just wanting to ask her a couple of questions about her faith. She unlocked the door and for the next ten minutes I listened to her talk about Mary Baker Eddy, a prophet to Christian Scientists. Long story short, at the end of our brief meeting, Mary Ann commented that some of the writings of Mary Baker Eddy supercede Scripture, heaven and hell are not real places, and Jesus was merely a man that defeated death and later became Christ in all of us. She believes that Jesus healed and Mary Baker Eddy provided the blueprint for a complete physical healing and eternal life. Mary Baker Eddy commented that if she was shot and killed, we would see her as dead, but she would be next to her body alive and well and with family members. I reminded her that the Bible says that it is appointed for man once to die and then the judgement, she disagreed.
If you are wondering about follow-ups, Ademala called yesterday. Dana and I will be having coffee with him and his wife soon. Also, I had another good talk with the janitor today. Please keep praying.

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