Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 13- Sooner Fan

If I believed in witnessing on the clock, in thirty days I would have witnessed to both the science and English department and possibly a few parents. At work, the opportunities are limitless. Outside of work, I find that I must be looking and praying for opportunities. Leaving a meeting this evening, I noticed a man standing in his driveway. He appeared to be waiting on someone. Here is how the encounter went after pulling up to the curb in my car:

Me: Excuse me, are you a Sooner fan? (He was wearing an Oklahoma Sooners sweatshirt.)
Sooner: I guess so.
Me: Are you a Christian?
Sooner: Yes! (smiling)
Me: How do you get to heaven?
Sooner: Believe and be baptized

Just then his ride appeared in my rearview. It's amazing that on such a cold day like today I could find someone outside, but even more amazing that I found someone actually standing in their driveway waiting. God is good!

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