Saturday, January 17, 2009

Day 17- The Gas Station

This morning I was at the gas station in a small town in Oklahoma. I had the option of paying outside, but I wanted to witness to the clerk. Here is how it went:

Me: Hi! Do you know of any good churches in the area?(I was reaching for my wallet at the same time.)
Clerk: No, I go to a church out of town. I am Catholic.
Me: Really, how does a Catholic get to heaven?
Clerk: Well, you do some time in purgatory. That should be enough to get you to heaven. You see, I don't believe that anything is for free. Everything has a price.
Me: I agree, but did you know that the price was paid two thousand years ago in the person of Jesus Christ? You don't need purgatory. Just put your trust in Him. Here is a gospel tract. Have a nice day.
Clerk: Thank you.

No need for a debate or a stare off with the red pair of lips tattooed on his neck....just moving him one step closer.

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