Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 Barnes and Noble

Friday is date night. Although I don't recommend it, I used our trip to Barnes & Noble as an opportunity to share. As long as it is brief, Dana does not mind. It's the hour long debates that really chap her hide. What better section to look for a searching individual than the "self- improvement" section. In this section I met a Nigerian named Ademela. To start a conversation I asked him, "Where do I start looking in the self-improvement section when I need to improve everything about me?" He responded with a brief overview on what books deal with whatever topic. I asked him what he was working on and he showed me a book about success. I told him that many people have definitions of success and I was curious how he would define success. His definition: achieving something bigger than oneself. I told him that this was a very broad definition and then asked, "Speaking of bigger than oneself...Do you believe in a god?" We then shifted from the natural to a spiritual conversation in just two minutes. After sharing the gospel, it was evident that Ademela had finally made sense of the gospel. He thanked me numerous times and gave me his number to keep in touch. Please keep Ademela in your prayers.

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