Saturday, January 3, 2009

Day 3 Braum's

Today I went to Braum's to pick up a few cartons of milk with my six year-old. I was being checked out by a girl named Cheyenne. As Cheyenne moved the cartons over the scanner, I asked, "Did you know that the Bible says to desire the pure milk of the word?" With a smile she replied, "No I did not know that." I then asked her if she had a church background. She told me that she had gone to church but had not been back in quite some time. Next, I asked her if she had a Bible and she told me that she has at least six or seven. I encouraged her to open her Bible and to read it daily and then left her with a gospel tract.
Speaking of gospel tracts, last night at Barnes and Noble I threw a tract on the ground hoping that someone would pick it up. Within a few minutes, Dana and I watched a young girl pick it up and hand it to an employee at Starbucks. As we left, we had the pleasure of watching three Starbucks employees huddled together reading every word. What an encouragement!

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