Saturday, January 24, 2009

Day 24- Bob Marley

One of the cool things about grandparents is they love to take the kids out to eat. Another cool thing is that Dana and I get to tag along. I noticed that our waitress was wearing a large necklace with an image of Bob Marley neatly engraved on wood.

Me: Are you a big fan of Bob Marley?
Waitress: Yes, very much.
Me: Bob was a rastafarien, are you?
Waitress: No.
Me: Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
Waitress: No, not really. My mom is Christian and my dad is more into science. I haven't really figured it all out just yet. I don't really know what I believe.

At this point I could have shared, but I wanted to make sure I got my food first. :) So I waited, well aware that eventually she would return with a check....a check that I wouldn't have to pay. Thanks, Mom.

Me: Is this the check?
Waitress: Yes.
Me: Hey, when you begin to try to figure everything out, I want to fill you in on something. If you look into all of the other religions, you will notice that there is no payment for sin. You need forgiveness for your sins and the only way you will get it is when you trust in Jesus. He is the only way that you can stand before a holy and righteous God innocent. Just something to think about.
Waitress: Thank you, I appreciate that.

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