Sunday, January 25, 2009

Day 25- The Dog Kennel

There is an animal shelter just across the street from my church. On several occasions I have seen employees walking the dogs on a small strip of grass and thought, "Wow, what an opportunity!"

Me: Excuse me, I have a quick question (church had just let out and people were making their way to their cars).
Girl: Okay.
Me: When church lets out on Sundays, has anyone ever attempted to witness to you?
Girl: Yes, I have had many people tell me about your church.
Me: No, I mean has anyone shared the gospel with you?

Girl: There were a couple of kids a few weeks ago that I think had tried.
Me: Do you have a church background?
Girl: Yes, I am a Nazarene.
Me: How does a Nazarene get to heaven?
Girl: Well, we don't believe in once saved always saved.
Me: Really! I did not know that. So does that mean if you lie and then die you go to hell?
Girl: Yes.
Me: Wow, that must be frightening. Do you ever fear that you will go to hell?
Girl: Not really, it sort of motivates me to do good. If you do what's right, then you will be okay.
Me: That's not what the Bible says. The Bible says believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved.

I am not someone who knows all of the verses that refer to our eternal security, but that's okay. I ended with the verses that I did know dealing with salvation. Sometimes encounters like this help me as I daily approach the scriptures. Knowing what we believe and why is a process and I enjoy finding weak spots in my daily walk.

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