Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 26- Yahoo! Groups

The weather was pretty bad today, so finding someone outside on my way home was difficult. I made it home without witnessing to a single soul. The kids were still napping and Dana was making dinner, so I went on the computer and clicked on groups on the yahoo! homepage. I then had the option of choosing from several groups for a Q&A session. I clicked on religious beliefs and one of the first questions was from a college student named Suzie. Suzie wanted to know why Christians, Muslims, and Jews could not get along because they basically had the same type of beliefs. I answered Suzie by highlighting how different Christianity is from the other two religions. Long story short, I discussed how each group believes in the commandments, but I went further and explained how one seeks to atone for breaking God's laws. I explained to her that God would be corrupt if he allowed liars, thieves, and blasphemers into heaven without a penalty and that, according to the Bible, God is just and would by no means clear the guilty. I then shared with her what grace is and how one receives it. I concluded with Christians, Muslims, and Jews can get along, but their beliefs are rather different.
It appears that even bad weather is no excuse to not share the gospel. I found it much easier than approaching someone off the street, but I personally prefer face to face interaction.

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