Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 27- My Neighbor

An ice storm arrived in Tulsa last night. Most people have been getting up to scrape ice off of their windsheilds. When I heard my neighbor begin to scrape, I quickly arose to give him a hand. His name is Brandon and I have never met him before. I approached him with a friendly hello and began scraping. He insisted that I didn't need to help, but I told him that if I didn't he would be scraping all day. As I was scraping, I asked him if he had a church that he attended in the area. He replied that he grew up Lutheran and that he went to a Catholic high school, but he does not attend anywhere regularly. He then asked where I went to church. I told him where I attended and how to get there. When he thanked me for helping him out I replied with a smile, " The love of Christ compels me." As an evangelist, I sometimes approach people and quickly feel like hammering them with gospel truth would be inappropriate. This was one of those times. I'm still recovering from the pain in my neck which must be the reason why I forgot to leave him with a tract. Every so often a sharp pain would run down my spine. However, on a postive note, a relationship has been established and I look forward to future conversations with Brandon.

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