Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 55- Rejected Again and Update from Day One

Occasionally Dana and I will eat at a restaurant called the Amish Kitchen. The owner grew up Amish, but does not consider himself Amish. I know this because I often ask questions when ordering. The lady that works at the register was outside taking a cigarette break so I felt like this would be a good opportunity to share. When attempting to witness, I follow four simple rules: relate, create, convict, reveal.

Me: Excuse me. You work here, correct?
Lady: Yes.
Me: I remember you telling me how the owner used to be Amish. Does he still have contact with his family?
Lady: Yes. He was never baptized into the faith. This means that he can't be excommunicated because he never was officially Amish. His parents have been to the restaurant and they are all on good terms.
Me: Really? What do they say about his eternal destiny?
Lady: You would have to ask him about that.
Me: Do you have any spiritual beliefs?
Lady: I have my own, but there are three things that I refuse to talk about. I will never discuss sex, politics, and religion.
Me: Will you at least read a gospel tract (handing her a tract)?

Well, at least you can see how to relate to someone and then create a spiritual conversation. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to see conviction and only then will I reveal the Savior. You may think that I gave up a little quick on this one, but if you could have seen her face, it was obvious that the things of God was something she was not ready to discuss. One man plants a seed and another reaps.

*UPDATE* Ches called me today! If the name Ches does not ring a bell, read day one. 55 days later he returns my call and next week he will be sitting next to me in church. He told me that he was very thankful for my persistent phone calls and not giving up on him. I will be honest. Some of the things I do seem quite foolish even to me, but when things like this happen it only confirms that God is in it.

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